Monday, 15 February 2010


So can you believe after all the trouble i had with my footage, i was able to complete my tracking in one lesson. Everything finally paid back as i know tracking your scene can be a tricky thing to do. I was able to do ten tracking points which were mainly on the ground as i had some nice black points from the style of the wooden flooring. I had a couple of complications but that is to be expected. Out of the ten ten tracking points i had around two problems.

Tracking is actually a hell of a lot easier that what i thought, when we were shown the tutorial from our teacher Steve, for some reason i thought i would have the world of trouble trying to get the right sort of tracking points, but luckily for me, they were pretty much set up for me.

even though i had a lot of issues getting to this stage i am still glad i done my own footage and i can happily animate. I did look for film scenes from films such as School of Rock and even the latest E4 programme Glee, but every time i ever saw the stage it was always accompanied by people, and i did not want to interact with others with was not the type of music i wanted to do.

The only worries i have at this stage is that as my footage is such a small file, i will have to scale my sheep rather small and this could take away a lot of detail from my scene. I am hoping that there is a way around this as this could really effect my grade.

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