Friday, 5 March 2010

Final Piece

For the final piece i have added some sound effects to try and make my sheep more convincing. When the music is meant to cut out, i have added a electrical sound to try and convince people that either there speakers had blown or that there has been a electrical fault, which is why they could not carry on with the song. I also added a sound for when the guitar hits the ground but to be honest it does not sound all that great. I forgot to lower the sound effects so they are a little louder to the initial background piece. As the timing had gone all wrong i had to cut out some of the background scene. Also, something that i did not notice to the very end is that my tracking has a little fault to it. After the tracking had been done, there is a split second where the sheep moves out of place.

As an overall piece i am quite disappointed with my work. I put in to much devotion to my group project and this has suffered because of it. There are many things that i think need to change in order for this to become a good piece of animation. The rig is very simple so i had lack of movement which has made this hard to make interesting for the audience. He is unable to do much and i really wish that i had used a different character in order for this to be a success. The timing is wrong so now Daniel does not interact with the sheep, so i shall just say that Daniel is a very bad mimer.

The one and only thing i can say that i really like in my work is the secondary action. The ears move lovely and i am very pleased with how i have captured this. When i showed a few people in my class they all said the same thing. "Awww he looks so cute, i love the movement on the ears". At least i got something right. I wanted the secondary action to take away some on the non movement in my piece, which has clearly worked. I was hoping this to be a success as other people do not notice as much that he is not doing all that much. I also quite like how he throws the guitar. Again, this distracts the sheep and shows a different pace to everything else.

The things i would change if i were to do this over again. Well, i would first have a different character such the moom, as he has a lot more handles which i can animate with. Then i would have been able to have smoother movements as well as having extra movement, for example in this body and legs, as they very much lack in that department. I would also have had my sheep in the same scene as the tracking so that i know i would not have the timing wrong.
For the actual tracking scene, i should have done more research on places where they had stages, as the ones i knew were very stubborn about me being able to use them. I do not know if it was for security reasons but i thought it was a little hard on me, as i did explain that i only wanted it for a piece of work at my university.

Doing this project was interesting but it just showed to me that i am not very interested in editing films at all. So i would not want to add special effects to a action film. That field does not really interest me what so ever, but as i go through this course i am learning the things i do and no not enjoy.

There is a spread sheet of how long each step took me along the way

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Intial Ideas

Story Boarding

Recording Footage


Key ?

Clean Up


Special Effects

Exporting Footage

Hand In


Well after i knew i would not be able to place my drummer in with my bassiest, i was happy to put everything together. I done my animation sepretly from my tracking scene as Steve said that this would be easiler and that i could just place the sheep into my tracking afterwards. I mainly done this as my video clap is so small, i wanted to have a bigger scene for more movement. I thought this would be the best way to go but i was sadly mistaken. I have somehow messed up and am really annoyed. The tracking scene is a different timing to the seprate scene that i animated to, which means that it does not all fit together. Well the sheep to the music does but Daniel now looks like he is out of scenk.. At first i thought i had placed my scene in wrong to premiere but i slowly worked out that it was fine. I am rather confused on how i had my background scenes but they were both different timings. This is something i did not even think i needed to do and just got carried away animating until it was too late.

I spoke to Steve about this and at first he was puzzled too but after a while he understood what i was trying to say. Steve calmed me down a little as he said that the audience will be looking at the sheep not Daniel, so it should be something not to worry to much about. I have the most important element which is the timing with the sheep and the music, and the tracking. I am still annoyed at this though because i wanted Daniel and the sheep to interact with one another but now this does not really happen. This is rather a shame as i thought that this would be a nice touch to my animation piece.


Okay, so i have now finished my guitar animation and i know need to think about the lighting. Now i have not really done much work on lighting and as my piece is quite dark i am thinking that i do not need all that much on my sheep.

As you can see the overall image is quite dark. this is not how the room originally was but this is how the video camera has caught it. There are three little blue spot lights behind Daniel. Now my sheep is going to be on the other side of the stage. Daniels left arm shows very slight lighting to him, there is a line of light and the left of him is in the shade if you will. So in order to try and capture this right i am thinking that i will be placing a light to the left hand side, and maybe have it slightly behind him. I do not think i will have a hint of blue in my lighting as you can not see this on Daniel. I may also need to place another light on the floor but i shall experiment where i shall place this. I need to remember to have the intensity low or my sheep may become too bright to the overall piece.

Here is my sheep in this first position, if you look closely you will be able to see a slight bit of lighting to him on his left hand side, this mainly shows on his arm and body. I do not really want the body to have so much light but as he has quite a round stomach i am not sure how much i can deduce this. I would like a little reflection on the guitar if possible too. You can not see this on Daniel guitar but i think it could be a quite nice effect on my prop.