Friday, 12 February 2010

Recording my own footage

Hello and welcome to my second industry exercise. For this project i am doing an editing piece, where i take a scene of footage from a film and edit your own animation to it. I had two ideas in mind to begin with.

The first one was a scene from the film Hancock, where he is sitting on a bench then suddenly rockets up from his seat to fly. I wanted to include some extra props into the scene, for example some extra buildings which he could fly around or anything he could possibly interact with. This was a no no from my teacher Steve as he said that there is already too much happening in the scene that my audience wouldn't really take any notice of my added piece.

My second idea was to use a scene from Batman the Dark Knight, where the joker is trying to blow up the hospital. I wanted to add in an extra character to interact with the building blowing up. I would have had him jumping out of the building, and trying to run for his life. OR, i would have had a character interacting with the joker by mocking him about not being able to blow up the building. This was also a no no due to all the special effects from the building blowing up that again, there wouldn't be much concentration on my animation.

So, after a chat with Steve he suggested about me doing something along the same lines as my last project with my sheep playing the drums and guitar and actually make a band. When he said this i really thought this idea could work. Straight away i already had in mind what i wanted to do, which was to get my boyfriend Daniel to play guitar on a stage (as he is in a band) and pretend to have the sheep by him so that he could interact with them. I wanted to make sure that i had a beginning, middle and end as i went straight into the music scene in my last project which i did not like.


After the first bunch of video's i found the quality to be very poor, which really effected me, i can not believe that i brought a camera which only turned out to be rather disappointing. It really just shows that i do need the top of the range video equipment to produce a good piece of work.
I had many troubles being able to use a stage as nowhere would let me now theirs, which was a little confusing to me. After many searches i has to settle for a recording studio called "Scream Studios", this is why the setting is not to my taste.

After being disappointed with the first set i went on the road to do another bunch of recording in a different setting.

Second Recording

Okay so, good news! I was able to get a better setting after a lot of hassling with them, they finally gave up and let me use their stage for half hour. I was able to create the type of scene i wanted for my stage and had a longer range so that i can fit the rest of my band easier. Also, as i forgot to have movement in my scene, this gave me the opportunity to correct my errors.

Sadly the quilty is still the same as i was unable to get another camera due to the cost of my latest one. I am hoping that i was be able to make me sheep a little pixalated like my scene so that they do not look like they have just been placed in. I will hopefully be able to achieve this with Final Cut Pro.

After weeks of being behind my class due to all the problems which i had with my footage, which was something my teachers were worried about, i am finally leveling up.

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