Friday, 19 February 2010

Machine Head concert

Last night i went to see Machine Head live at Brixton academy. There were two support acts before the main band came on so i was not playing attention to how they were playing, i was mainly just dancing around with excitement. After them two acts i was pretty beaten and tired so i went upstairs where i could sit down to watch the main set.

I am really glad i done this, not just for my health if you will, but i was able to see the whole stage and actually look at how they move whilst playing.
I must say though that this band is heavy metal, so the movement was pretty intense. One thing i really took into account was the drummer, even though he was playing he pretty much was head banging throughout the show, this head was pretty close to the drum set, so i am guessing that he was not sitting all that close to the actual drum set but leaned over so that he could get better movement.
My song is fairly soft rock so i now mine will not be quite as mad as what a heavy metal band would be, but this has definitely made me want to play around with my sheep more, so that he actually looks like he is really enjoying his music.

As for the guitarist there were more swaying movements then anything else, which could be quite a nice effect for my sheep as i was worried that he would look a little dull. My last project featuring the sheep looked a little stiff, so i want to insure that i improve on this.

Overall i think this had opened my eyes to what movements i can do and it was great seeing it at first hand. My scene is meant to be on a stage too, so this is pretty much the best type of research i could do. I recorded a few videos too, but one, this website doesn't want me to upload any and the sound was pretty bad anyway, but there are a few images i was able to capture, whilst during the show.

I do have others but the quilty or lighting ruin them

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