Friday, 19 February 2010


My animation is on its way but i am having a few problems which seem to be fairly hard to fix, unless i had a key frame on each gap. Steve said that if i was to work on FK mode instead of IK then i would have a much smoother movement. I thought i had this but it turns out that i do not. So, my animation is not going to look a smooth as what i hoped which could be quite damaging to my grade. If the quilty of my footage was not bad enough i now have this to add to it. All i can do at this moment in time is keep my head done, get on with my work, and hope for the best.

I have started working on my drummer first, as this is more complex and i want to insure that i will get this finished in time. My main issue at the moment is when my sheep puts his arms up with the drum sticks, the drum sticks do the same 90 degree movement which is rather off putting and something that real drummers so not do. I am able to fix most of my little problems with the graph editor but i am still learning how to use it properly but it is definitely something that helps my animation.
As i have done a beginning, middle and end for my work, i think i have given myself more work to do as i have a solid minute animation to do with two characters, where we only had to do 30 seconds with one character or prop. I have given myself to much work to do but i am hoping that i will be able to complete this to a decent standard. It is to early days to say if i think my animation will be successful or not. Next week is going to be a solid week on this project so i shall be able to see how things are going then.

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