Friday, 5 March 2010


Well after i knew i would not be able to place my drummer in with my bassiest, i was happy to put everything together. I done my animation sepretly from my tracking scene as Steve said that this would be easiler and that i could just place the sheep into my tracking afterwards. I mainly done this as my video clap is so small, i wanted to have a bigger scene for more movement. I thought this would be the best way to go but i was sadly mistaken. I have somehow messed up and am really annoyed. The tracking scene is a different timing to the seprate scene that i animated to, which means that it does not all fit together. Well the sheep to the music does but Daniel now looks like he is out of scenk.. At first i thought i had placed my scene in wrong to premiere but i slowly worked out that it was fine. I am rather confused on how i had my background scenes but they were both different timings. This is something i did not even think i needed to do and just got carried away animating until it was too late.

I spoke to Steve about this and at first he was puzzled too but after a while he understood what i was trying to say. Steve calmed me down a little as he said that the audience will be looking at the sheep not Daniel, so it should be something not to worry to much about. I have the most important element which is the timing with the sheep and the music, and the tracking. I am still annoyed at this though because i wanted Daniel and the sheep to interact with one another but now this does not really happen. This is rather a shame as i thought that this would be a nice touch to my animation piece.

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